About Me

Meta Dev Life

With 4+ years of app / game development experience in both developer and managerial roles, my focus has heavily revolved on the design and development of virtual and augmented reality applications. I have led projects designed for rehabilitation, training, education, and marketing purposes.

Game Dev Life

I’m a game programmer, designer and producer based in Delhi, India. I have worked on 6 games so far. I have over all 12+ years of experience, out of which 3+ years I have spent in designing and developing games. I am always excited to learn and contribute in new Game Mechanics and Dynamics.  
Born in 1987 in the Delhi, India as a young child an aunt gifted me a Nintendo Game Console and I was immediately hooked. Me and my brother we both use to love gaming. We use to take turns whenever our player dies in a game or he use to complete levels and I use to finish boss levels.
I was always fascinated with how the systems behind games worked, almost more than I was interested in the final product itself. Over the years, that transformed in wanting to understand how the systems that make up games work together and how game engines and their renderers function.

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As a Web Dev and Digital Marketer

 I spent the nine years working both as a freelance web developer and as part of a team in various companies across India and USA. I acquired project and time management skills, as well as the ability to communicate with team members and clients while effectively meeting milestones and deadlines.

As a freelance web developer and designer I collaborated with several graphic designers, at the same time maintaining clients across the world. 

From managing marketing campaigns for big firms to designing websites for startups, I have always taken a deep interest in my work. 

In 2018 I decided to take a challenge and understand the Game Dev World.  Till now I have been working on few titles of my own or game jams and simultaneously learning new things. 

Why Unity?

I want to start with learning mobile games  development and my research brought me to UNITY.

It’s by far the world’s most popular game engine. It powers more than half of all mobile games, and it’s overtaking most consoles and computers.


One of the best things about Unity is that it supports a multitude of platforms, 23 of them at the moment to be exact. This means that once you’ve built your game, you can essentially deploy it about anywhere.

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