Game Introduction

This game is made on UNITY with realistic car controller kit. In this game you can can select, modify and drive cars with realistic physics .

RUSH HOUR – is car driving / racing simulator in which you try to beat the traffic by speed driving on a highway. This is game is fun and adventurous as there are many modes.

1.  Bomb mode – where you have to drive with a minimum speed otherwise your car will explode.

2.  One Way – All the traffic is one way

3. Two Way – Traffic from both the direction

4.  Free Play – Casual driving.


You can choose variety of cars and accessories like Nos, engine, wheels etc, for your game play.

Tech Stack

  • Game Engine – Unity
  • 3D Design Tool – Blender
  • Other Assets – Asset Store
Prototype 100%
Architecture 100%
Design 65%
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