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This application builds upon the plane tracking feature of AR-Foundation in Unity, you can use any model (Furniture or Electronics) and augment it on any surface. This application is majorly used by electronic and furniture sellers.



Data Visualization is the most Intuitive method for representing processed data to Business Users. This utilises numerous visualisation techniques such as Graphs, Plots, and Tables, among others, to display many sets of relevant data in a single perspective to the Business User, allowing him or her to make an informed decision regarding their business scenarios.

Data Visualization is an essential use case for augmented reality.



This application builds upon the plane tracking feature of AR-Foundation in Unity, you can use any model (Furniture or Electronics) and augment it on any surface. This application is majorly used by electronic and furniture sellers.

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Virtual Reality School


We realize it will be challenging for us to have a virtual reality headset on everyone’s palm in the next five years. So, our product gives students the option of using a Virtual Reality Headset or a mobile device to study. The VR headset gives the instructor a 360-degree field of view, but they must still use a traditional classroom camera.


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Captive Roguelite Stealth & Puzzle Solver

Captive is a roguelite stealth and puzzle solver game. In this game you play as a little boy alone in a factory environment and you have to escape from room to room by connecting hot and cold generators in the room. However, be careful, as you switch a generator the environment changes depending on the type of generator. Soon, you would start encountering guards who are guarding around in the area and you would have to escape from the room stealthily. This game is still in its demo phase but I plan to create a lot of puzzles and tricky stealth encounters. This game was created in the Level Up Circle: Beginner Jam#1.

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Ice and Water - Multiplayer

Ice and Water is a real time multiplayer game where each player is dropped into the arena filled with various types of balls and powers and the goal is to get max score on each round. This game is my showcase for my first real time multiplayer game developed in Unity Game Engine. With the game rules being quite different from a standard Multiplayer FPS, there were several challenges with game mechanics and data sync through all clients. Read more about the game and its challenges in the game page.

Rush Hour - Realistic Car Controller

RUSH HOUR – is car driving / racing simulator in which you try to beat the traffic by speed driving on a highway. This is game is fun and adventurous as there are many modes.
1. Bomb mode – where you have to drive with a minimum speed otherwise your car will explode.
2. One Way – All the traffic is one way
3. Two Way – Traffic from both the direction
4. Free Play – Casual driving.

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ABS- Another Battle Simulator

ABS – Another Battle Simulator is a single player battle simulator where you can select your troops and understand battle placements. 

~ = Game Features= ~
♦ simple to learn, easy to play. Become a master of war in no time!
♦ organize your battle formation then sit back, relax and watch your army demolish your opponents!
♦ Build your dream army by recruiting the world’ strongest troopers and heroes!

Galaxy Invader - Finite Runner, Shooter

Come now Come now! Lets invade this beautiful galaxy eh,

Filled with treacherous drones trying to stop you to loot every single coin on the way.


Galaxy invader is an infinite runner style shooter game. Your ship can only travel on energy fields so you have to always be on them by jumping left and right. But be wary, there are a lot of obstacles on the way and there are drones looking out for you. Shoot the drone, collect coins on the way, avoid obstacles. Easiest gig ever!

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Bachelor Night- Fun RPG (GOAP)

Bachelor party is an open world exploration based simulation game. This game is still currently under development so apologies for the bugs that you encounter. You and your friend is in the SINGLE city for his bachelor party and your job is to maximize the fun, minimize the money spent and explore the heart out of the city. There are a lot of AI NPCs like bouncer, bartender, fighters etc. I used GOAP ( Goal Oriented Action Planning) with a customized A* algorithm to achieve the simulation effect.

Stack Attack - Casual Mobile Game

Stack Attack is my first game published on Android Play Store completed with admob integration, leaderboard and a clean UI. Blocks of tiles have to be stacked on top of each other and the left over block is cut off. Goal is to reach as high as possible and beat others on the leaderboard. This was my first step into gamedev life when I realized I spent more than 20 hours in the Super famous Stack Game by Ketchapp. I was stoked and wanted to create a similar game ( with some twist of my own) and also familiarize myself with the unity Engine, the process of game development.

Taijitu Game ICon

Taijitu - Co-OP Infinite Runner

Run along with two ninjas, with a rope dart attached to both and kill as many skeletons as possible. Careful though, too taught and the rope will break, too loose and the enemy won’t die. This game was submission for the GMTK 2021 GameJam, however I plan to make it much more polished and with added mechanics in the near future.