About the Retail AR

This application builds upon the plane tracking feature of AR-Foundation in Unity, you can use any model (Furniture or Electronics) and augment it on any surface. This application is majorly used by electronic and furniture sellers.


This solution is build for furniture and electronic sellers. They want their client to try size and style of the product before purchasing. An Augmented Reality solution is best fit for this situation as it can help clients to understand things before they buy.


This Retail AR app/project is a perfect POC (proof of concept) for clients in Retail Sector. This project offers an opportunity for client customers to “try out” the furniture or any retail products in the surroundings they live. Such “try outs” brings awareness about the brand and may offer an opportunity to sell the products from the app itself.

Tech Stack

  • Game Engine – Unity
  • Prog Patterns – Event Driven
  • AR – ARCore, ARkit
  • Other Assets – Blender
Demo 100%
Architecture 100%