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Who am I?

I am a Tech Consultant having diverse knowledge of UNITY, AR, VR and Web Marketing Automation.

Back in 2008, I started my career as a freelancer and eventually built that into a successful business where I was responsible for bringing in business, managing my team, and providing support to my colleagues. Together with my team, I worked on digital marketing (mostly marketing automation), web and app development projects for a large number of clients located both in domestic and international markets.

I switched lanes as a game developer in March, 2018, and I studied UNITY by working on smaller projects as I indulged in the independent game development scene. Several games were hosted in the Itch.io, Google Play, and Apple App stores. It took me an entire year to transition from the job I was doing before to become a game developer. I decided to start over as a freelancer because I wanted to prepare myself mentally and physically for the obstacles that my future team will encounter. At this point, I am fully aware of all of the technological, financial, and market hurdles that are associated with game and AR | VR creation.


Current Project

To simplify your real estate venture, RealEstate-XR provides a comprehensive set of solutions. This will aid you in the greatest possible Real Estate Marketing and Presentation efforts. It’s like getting three adventures in one:

1. Intuitive Modeling and Virtual Touring in a 3D App (mobile and web)

2. Augmentation of your Real Estate (mobile, PC and web) using Augmented Reality

3. Virtual and Virtual Reality Tours of your Real Estate (Oculus, mobile, web and PC)

  • App Name – RealEstate-XR
  • APP Type – Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
  • Technologies – Unity, AR Foundation, A Frame

Previous Project

CollaboratAR makes it possible for businesses to present highly detailed 3D clones of their items on the web, in augmented reality, and in the metaverse, which speeds up the purchasing decision process for customers.

  • App Name – CollaboratAR
  • APP Type – Augment Reality Multiplayer
  • Technologies – Unity, Mirror and Master Server Toolkit