Game Prototyping

Game Prototype Service

Define Game Concept

Once you have a game theme and setting, it’s time to expand on the details.


  1. Goal: The purpose of the game 
  2. Space: Details about the environment and setting 
  3. Components: All the different pieces of the game (eg. characters, monsters, tokens)
  4. Mechanics: Things you can do in your game (eg. jump, run, talk, different powerups)
  5. Rules: What you can and can’t do in the game (eg. take turns, hold 5 things, no gravity)

Once you have finished your mind map, you should have a good idea of how your game is going to take shape. This is a very simple version of what professional game makers call a Game Design Document or GDD for short.

Game Idea Theme
Brain Storming Game Idea

Visualize Your Concept and Paper Prototyping

In this step we will research and gather all the ideas in one place. My personal favorite is Milatenote for putting up a game prototype concept in one board.

We have to create or get references for the game story, game play, designs and other mechanics.  


With the help of all brain-stormed structured data about the game we will start by sketching the game as a paper prototype. This will give your game idea the shape of reality and motivation to go forward with it. 

Core Gameplay Loop

A core gameplay loop is a gameplay loop in which a highly specified set of actions undertaken by the player, most often the main actions defining the game.  In Call of Duty or Battlefield, the core gameplay loop is more or less targeting enemies, shooting them, and seeking out new enemies.


First, game environment will be prepared for the actual gameplay loops to take place. This includes menu options, heads up display, and other aspects of the user experience and user interface.  Second, we add the physics, upgrade systems, and the game’s input processes.  Finally, we program these features and implements them into the game, making them appear on the screen and get ready for game testing.

Core Game Loop
Captive Prototype Design

Design Prototype

A game Prototype is usually used to show to an investor, to play test the game, to check your artwork or present to a merchant for potential game pre-order of games. Once we put together everything, I will start building your game prototype.

All the code and logic written in this phase has to re-written for a production worthy code. I make sure you enjoy you game prototype 

From start to finish, most prototype projects are delivered in one to two weeks. Faster turn-around times can be accommodated as well. 


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