Virtual Reality APP Development

VR Interactions

Hurricane VR Interaction Framework

This is an VR interaction Framework for you to kick start your project.

It Contains:
– User Movement
– Various Interactions
– Grabbing logics
– Hand and World Physics
– Haptic Feedback

This is a low poly office environment which can easily  Run on Oculus quest 2. here we have hurricane’s pre built interaction items. We can make custom grabbing and logics for your project.

Most of the Lighting is baked without shadows giving us better FPS and quality.

Hexabody VR Movement

HexaBody VR is a Physics Based Rigidbody Controller featuring responsive locomotion, jumping, standing, and crouching. The body design allows for realistic player movement, feet and legs lift and stomp during the jump cycle making it easy to jump, land, and then stand up on objects and your environment

VR Multiplayer Experience

VR School: Teacher & Students

– it is compatible with all VR headsets (Oculus Quest 1&2, HP, HTC, etc).
– Voice chat with auto-detection, powered by Photon Voice.
– Custom Avatar (male or female) for teacher to be used in network. Simpler representation for students, only head and hands.
– Networked whiteboard, teacher can adjust its position.
– Student can connect both in VR and Android phone.
– Custom VR Rig to be used in network, with custom VR hands that works alongside Pun 2.
– Teacher can upload slides to device (Quest) and see them in VR.


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